Fire Ecology Study

Year 12 ecosystems students went on an excursion to Namadgi National Park to investigate the influence of fire severity on the regeneration of Eucalypt species after the January 2003 Canberra Fires.

By Stephen Robey | Science

Biology Dissections

Gungahlin Biology students are currently looking at how living organisms function, with particular interest in the respiratory system. They were able to take the theory learned in class and apply this with a dissection of a sheep pluck (courtesy of a local butcher). After inflating the lungs via a rubber tube, students then opened up the […]

By Trudy Cheesman | News . Science

Killifish Expo

Zoology students were treated to a visit from Serkan Alasya, the holder of the largest private collection of Killifish in Australia. Killifish are an amazing group of fish that are found all over the world, except in Australia. Serkan talked to students about Killifish habitat, life cycles, reproductive behaviours and techniques for breeding in captivity. Students […]

By Stephen Robey | News . Science

Biology Excursion to Capital Pathology

Year 12 Gungahlin College Biology students extended their knowledge of disease with an excursion to Capital Pathology in Deakin. This is the largest pathology lab in Canberra and students got to see, first-hand, 300 lab-coat-clad scientists working with multi-million dollar equipment. Students got to see the inner workings of blood banks, histology, cytology and the […]

By Lisa Pluis | News . Science

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