Careers and VET at Gungahlin College in 2017

VLOs (Vocational Learning Opportunities)

This year we have had many students complete VLOs in a range of employment areas. Some of these were Animal Services, Bricklaying, Fitness and Beauty. A VLO enables students to study some competencies of a Certificate Qualification in the area of study.

Other students completing VLO’s this year include:

  • Semester 1: Emily Carter and Emily Kalkbrenner in Animal Care, Alexia Koutsoukox in Beauty, Zoe Putorak in Fitness.
  • Semester 2: Larissa Dean and Jess Willis in Animal Services.

Cody Hamilton collecting his Bricklaying Statement of Attainment Certificate he completed this year by attending CIT each Monday for a semester.

ASBAs (Australian School Based Apprenticeships)

In 2017, we had around 70 ASBA students in a range of areas including carpentry, retail, floristry, IT, automotive, plumbing, childcare, animal studies, electro technology, warehousing, meat processing and hairdressing.

During the year we have organised three white card courses and asbestos courses and we also run First Aid Courses.

Gungahlin College Careers Advisers assisted 243 students to do a work experience placement in 2017 and VET teachers and Careers staff placed 475 Structured Workplace Learning placements. This is an huge number of student workplace opportunities and we will continue to assist students in 2018 to experience the world of work.

All of these opportunities will be run in 2018 so take advantage of what’s available!

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