Project XII Running Order

Project XII Running Order

Well, tomorrow’s the big day. All the films are ready for the Project XII showing at the GozzArt Festival. The final running order and posters are below. See you in the main theatre at 6.30pm tomorrow! The GozzArt festival begins earlier at 4.30pm.


MUSIC VIDEOS (PG) 13 minutes

Tragedy (Maddison Folk)

You Make Me (Connor Hart)

Perfect For Me (Dion Misic)


A Different View (Carla Roux)

The Problem Generation (Luke Jeffery)

Ubu Roi: The Power Behind the Crown (Dion Caldwell/Eva Francis)

Exploration (Chantelle Pellegrini)

SHORT FILMS: COMEDY (M) 32 minutes

Escaping Enemy Mimes (Caleb Thomas/Taylor Thomson)

Day in the Life of Jax (Elliott Hill)

Untextured Destruction (Joshua Perry)

Lights! Camera! Chad! (John Romero/Michael Santosuosso)

SHORT FILMS: DRAMA (M) 48 minutes

Beneath the Surface (Aidan Baron/Rishi Gunreddy/Thomas Santos/Steven Vu)

Enigma (Braheem Harajli)

Allemande (Mikey Burford/Samara Colbert/Kreetika Ittoo/Loren Nimmo)

Approximate Running Time: 2 hours

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