Gungahlin College Theatre Company presents …

Gungahlin College Theatre Company presents …

The Gungahlin College Theatre Company is absurdly proud to present its production of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi.

Ubu Roi is a scatalogical parody of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, with a swirl of King Lear and Hamlet flushed in as well. So, you know, lots of people die… badly. But in its defence … a lot of other really bad stuff happens as well (and most of the dead people appear in another scene later on).

So, we dare you to come along and see the play that caused riots outside the Paris Theatre when it first debuted (its opening night was also its closing night, but we’re aiming for six performances!).

Read what the critics are saying:

“… the writer mocks at civilization itself, sweeping all art, along with all humanity, into the same inglorious slop-pail “ (Arthur Symons, 1896)

“There are often duels after these performances,” (W.B Yeats, reflecting on the premiere of Ubu Roi, December 1896)

The Surrealists supported it. The Bourgeois bagged it. The Dadaists – umm – did like it… What will you think after seeing it?!

Ubu Roi

12-16 September, 7.30pm

Gungahlin College Theatre

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